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Out with the old, and in with the cookies? Yep, that’s exactly what we did! This old cell phone retail store was renovated into a beautiful new Crumbl Cookies bakery in North Canton, OH that can now serve their customers in this cheery new space.

You might walk in and see a cute, colorful building where you can satisfy your sweet tooth, but this project involved creative thinking and organization. The existing electrical service the building came with wasn’t sufficient for the client’s needs. Installing a new panel wasn’t an option without upgrading the entire building’s electrical service, including that of all the other tenants.

Other aspects of the project included reworking existing fire-suppression systems, installing new ductwork for rooftop units, and reworking of underground plumbing. Site conditions themselves were challenging, and the logistics for receiving materials, equipment, and material were difficult. None of these challenges are exactly unique, but they do require critical thinking to arrive at the final outcome.

We were honored to serve Crumbl Cookies and provide them with this new beautiful space. Knowing we had a hand in turning an obsolete building into something attractive that the community can enjoy is what we’re all about at ATM!

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